Beard Of Liverpool

At Swanky's we have recently teamed up with a new brand of Oils and Balms specifically designed for the modern day gentlemen's beard. 

Before 'Beard Of Liverpool' first walked through our doors I was expecting the usual sales pitch that all sales reps give. The one which they have rehearsed over and over and repeated over and over to countless potential clients! Now don't get me wrong, that is their job and they can genuinely believe in someone else's product that they are trying to sell ;). Mark however (one of the founders of 'Beard Of Liverpool'), when Mark walked through the doors after arranging the meeting via email, he was different. When he walked in I could see the pride, passion and exceptionally well groomed beard and knew straight away he meant business and no matter what decision I made that day his product was going to go all the way with ourselves on board or not.

Mark did not give me a ridiculously long sales pitch, he hit all the points I needed to know straight away and left me with a handful of samples. We always trial new products that come through our door before committing and myself (Swanky) can honestly say all those samples are in my bag still, wherever I go. The oil designed for the skin has a revitalising finish and the balm leaves your beard soft and stroke-able for yourself or your companion!

The products Mark has produced are ones of a certain class. They come in a variety of scents and they have recently just launched a scentless oil and balm called 'Blank Canvas'. They all look swanky as ever in the neat bottles that are designed specifically to protect the oil from UV rays and keep it fresh for as long as possible. 

We have tried a few beard oils in the past and it has been hit and miss. The cheap ones have been rubbish but the good ones have been ridiculously expensive. I can honestly say that these products are some of the best on the market that we have tried. They do their job, they smell amazing, even if a' smell amazing' to you is no smell at all and they are really well priced!  

So if you would like to come in and have a try of these products please visit either of our salons where we use and stock the Beard Of Liverpool range :) 

Thanks for reading 


Cameron Stananought