Is your hair Ash-Achievable?



This weeks topic is all about the most popular, most sort after colour on the market at the moment! The most amazing looking Grey/Ash tone hair. This particular coloured hair looks incredible and I must say we are a big fan of it at Swanky's. However, achieving this colour is a whole different story! The picture you see to the right is one myself (Swanky) and Laurence did on our graduate stylist Molly. 2 full head of foils and 6 hours later we got our look :) 





So is your hair Ash-Achievable? Well it is down to what your hairdresser thinks your hair can manage. The reason being is to achieve these particular tones we need to strip/lighten all the hair of its colour to get it as white as possible. If any yellow/orange tones are visible it can affect the overall finished look. These yellow/orange tones are the undertones in which undoubtably show up in all hair colours once the lightening process has started. 





The lightening process is most definitely the most complicated part of achieving this look. The way in which we strip the colour is going to test your hair and if it is not in great condition to begin with the chances are you hairdresser is going to advise against the process. However, that being said there is a new product on the market called Olaplaex and it has revolutionised the hairdressing industry. Olaplaex allows us to push the boundaries in a much safer way for your hair. I will have a blog post on Olaplaex next week, meanwhile if you're interested on knowing more type it into google and be wowed :). I must point out though there are still limits to your hairs capability. 


Another reason why the lightening process is so complicated is the amount of time it can take. Depending on the current colour of your hair depends on the amount of time. Here at Swanky's we are honest and professional, advising clients it can take up to 3-4 visits to the salon. In-between these visits we also advice on products to be used, e.g conditioners, treatments, in salon treatments etc. thus leading to a process that is long and costly. It could quite possibly be achieved sooner than that but there is no promise and everyones hair is different.  Also I would like to add to maintain this colour the lightening process will have to be repeated but will be much more straight forward as it would just be tackling the regrowth. (8 to 12 weeks in-between each lightening process)


So you have been through the lightening process, you have stuck to the rules and advice given to you and we are ready to apply the Grey/Ash tones. Now that your hair is lightened it is like having a blank canvas to work on and your stylist can customise your tone. However with it being a toner it can fade very quickly, especially after the first time it is applied after the lightening process. Personally we feel this isn't all that bad as each time you visit in-between having the lightening process you can change the toner up to create different colours on every visit. Also available are toner shampoos which allow you to maintain your colour at home. 


So, is your hair Ash-Achievable? There is a likely chance but you have to be patient and spend a lot of money in order to get there while having slightly dodgy looking hair in-between. If you are thinking a bit more about this colour change for your hair then do come in and see us for a free consultation and we will give you the best advice :) 


Swanky Love x



Cameron Stananought