The Big 'Bangs' Theory

Hello ladies and gents! I would just like to start by saying this is the third consecutive week that I have written a blog :) pat on the back for me! Let us see how long I can keep it up for.

The topic of conversation and my on trend look this week is something all you ladies from Liverpool have been trending for years...'Bangs'...better known to us Scousers as curtains, or to your nan as a grown out fringe!!! Depending on the shape of your face or the hairstyle you're going for, you can customise your bangs to frame your face in a way that suits you best. 

Let me start by saying if you decide to get bangs, I suggest that you go with a centre parting. It creates more of an even finish and makes it easier for yourself to manage. Of course your hairdresser may suggest otherwise for the likes of cow-licks or any other hair growth patterns.

So why choose bangs? Well bangs offer you the freedom to alternate your hairstyle. Making your hairstyle versatile makes your hair more fun to play with when it comes to creating a look. This means your hair allows you to create many different styles for many different occasions and not just sticking to the same one over and over.


Say you tie your hair up in a pony all the time but you hate it when there is nothing to frame your face, it makes you feel proper boring. You introduce bangs that fall softly around your cheek bones and that you can manage still having the option to tie back if needed! Instant style fix. If this is something that applies to you try making that pony into a bun. It takes a few seconds longer but looks all the more trendy! (swanky trick: you go the gym, you have kids, you wash your hair once every two weeks hence the slick back pony. Your bangs will take seconds to wash and dry and draw attention away from what ever lies beneath)


A style I am a big fan of at the moment, the 'One Length Lob'. This very popular style works on most hair types. Although people are getting confused with it thinking they can't have layers in it at all...well thats not true. I quite often introduce ever so subtle face shape to soften the look and of course, bangs. Bangs can finish this style off fantastically creating much more of a statement to your look. For an even more glamorous finish try using the wand, it works magically ;)



I hope this blog has made sense to you and who knows, maybe it encourages you to give the bangs a try, it could be the change you have been looking for. Please if you have any questions or want to rip me to shreds, please do feel free in comments box below :) 


Swanky love x


Cameron Stananought