Stating The Obvious #P1

So far it feels as though 2016 has taken off to a flying start. Everyone has got these #PosVibes going on all around them this year and that always means good things!
Social media, where would we be without it? Constant feeds of what is going on all around us, friends we have never met who are a world apart, and the list goes on. What ever your hobby, your business, your passion the majority of the time the web is where it starts and where it ends. If this is not the case then you should make it so! Social media is a platform of never ending expansion and allows you to connect with the rest of the world.
Anyway, January has been a red carpet frenzy from the Peoples Choice Awards to The Revenant premier. Thanks to the online community I have found it very easy to follow. I Have filtered through the images and picked out some of my favourites and given them a little swanky breakdown: 
Abbey Lee – I chose this image to show the beauty of a simple, sleek pony and how effective it can be. A look that can be worn for any occasion.

Adriana Lima – Dark yet glowing, strong and beautiful. Sleek black everything. A real head-turning look. The length of the hair really adds to the glamour. Easy to achieve! If your hair isn’t that long, you could always add in clip in extensions or choose from a whole range of extension options that are available :).

Alicia Vikander – A swanky favourite with this gorgeous, natural, effortless look. The hair definitely makes this! Achievable, adorable ;).

Cara Delevigne – Not your everyday outfit but one that Cara pulls off very well. My main interest here is the hair (of course). The twists and knots really exaggerate Cara’s look :D.

Jack Mayall