Colour Trends - Spring 2017


“You have to have fun with hair. It’s a great accessory-Play with it.”

Colouring your hair can play a very important part in enhancing your overall style. Today it is easier than ever to be adventurous and experimental with colour thanks to the amazing Olaplex (see our blog post Olaplex-A Revelation For Your Hair). So on the agenda this week is what trends we think will be sought after this coming Spring.


Trending in fashion and hair is an evolution within itself. Taking the transition of one style to another can be daunting and all it requires is for one person to take the plunge, be brave and before you know it, it has spread like wild fire and is the hottest look everyone is after. 


The key trend we are seeing at the moment in hair colour is contrast! High contrasting tones that still compliment each other and create a bold finish. In doing this we want to use techniques that create a synergy between both the cut and the colour! With this kind of science behind the style you can create avariety of looks.



So here is an example created by Laurence. Looks like a relatively straight forward colour doesn't it? No mix of tones, like nothing I have been talking about in this blog. Well...








How is that for contrasting awesomeness! The style and technique I absolutely love and the choice of tone is striking in a very glamorous fashion!





Now this before and after picture took social media by storm and rightly so. This style created by our graduate stylist Lucy is probably the most sought after on trend look to date. High in contrast but perfecto in blend :) Sticking with the warm tones adding depth and of course contrast in the root area. Through the ends bringing the lighter pieces higher and then toning down to create this epic finish! Lets just clarify that this was one very satisfied client! Well done Lucy.

At Swanky Malone we are always staying in the loop of new techniques and trends. At least once a year we get the colour technicians from the global renowned TIGI (creators of Catwalk and Bed Head styling products. Also TIGI Copyright Colour which we use in salon) into Swanky’s to update all the staff on the latest and greatest. In turn we will pass this knowledge onto you and integrate it into the new style you have been looking for!


We constantly upload our work from every stylist to our social media pages so if you don't already, go and give us a follow and of course if you have any questions do not hesitate to ask :) 


Swanky Love x