The Taboo

This week I am going to move onto the gentlemen. Gents I would like to share what I believe to be the direction you should take to enjoying your hairstyle for 2017.

Let me explain the reasoning for this blog first. Myself, Swanky ;), has recently committed to a change in hairstyle! Sounds ridiculous me saying this doesn't it?.. Previous to this change I have had pretty much the same style for, give or take, two and a half years! My previous style was based on the 1920’s look of short, tapered sides with length through the top that I was able to slick back. A style I loved and still do love. I felt that this style went with the brand of Swanky Malone and with the fashion I have forever obsessed over. However the upkeep of this particular style was very demanding. My usual style prep consisted of washing twice a day on most days. Once washed I would spray salty dog (salt spray in the EVO hair range), I would then blow dry the product into the hair to create more hold and structure to the style. I would like to point out that I could never skip on the drying process as it would look a-shambles! I occasionally did of course, but only when I had my trusted flat cap to hand :). After the drying process I would apply my Box O’Bollox (strong hold texture paste) to create the exact look I wanted before finishing off with my Builders Paradise Hairspray to set it in stone! Quite the procedure haha, but I loved the style too much for it to bother me.

Jimmy Darmody, the character in the hit T.V series Boardwalk Empire. I got a lot of inspiration from this show!

With saying all that I suppose towards the end it did bother me slightly but I couldn't think of any other style I wanted! That was until I started watching Taboo with Tom Hardy. I seen his hairstyle on this programme and it instantly got me thinking! This particular style was still similar to the previous but on a much shorter basis. It has a high fade with a disconnection from the slightly longer hair on top, this time creating a lot more texture. On the show Tom is constantly on the move, bouncing round London in his mean coat and serious top hat which is forever coming on and off and yet his hairstyle always looks on point! 

The man himself with the style that inspired me off the T.V series Taboo.

This show made me realise what I was after and was my complete inspiration. A style that always looks good, that doesn't require all the maintenance as my previous, a get up and go style that still means business…The Taboo! 


The way I style my hair now is still using my salt dog by spraying it in straight after washing. By the time I am dressed I am ready to apply my product (skipping the drying process all together) by creating a cocktail which consists of Cassius Clay and Crop Strutters to create a real dirty, textured effect that I can rework throughout the day. It is such an easy process and saves me so much time. Gents you can mimic this idea with what ever products you have at home by using any matt product alongside a product with some shine (wet look).

So Gentlemen if you have been thinking of a change, look for it, find it and go for it. I definitely see more texture being the go to trend for the lads this year. The short sharp sides will always be a winner with a slight alteration, you can keep it feeling fresh on every visit to the Hair Shop. By creating more texture in your style whether it is short or long, gives ease of manageability. In hairdressing terms, structured mess. Inspirations is everywhere and remember, hair grows :).  


Swanky Love x

Cameron Stananought