The start of a new beginning

The start of a new beginning


Bonjour 2017! It is finally here and I don't know what everyone else thinks but I have a good feeling its going to be another great one. I know what you're thinking….”is he saying 2016 was a great year?”…I know many people think 2016 was a shambles, we lost a lot of incredible people, icons of two generations. The likes of David Bowie, Alan Rickman, George Michael, Prince, the list goes on. These amazing people helped shape the culture of the society we live in today! If you can look past the tragedy and negativity that clouds so many peoples vision, you will see that good always outweighs the bad. So much greatness has been achieved it just doesn't have the coverage in the media. I won’t go through this list however if you just google ‘Great things that happened in 2016’ it is all there :) and its awesome.


So with another new year to tackle I feel people are only going to progress and push the boundaries more than ever before! Here at Swanky’s we have new ideas and plans that is making our year look very exciting indeed.


Let me tell you about some promotions we are running trough January and February. As follows:


-We still have our Red Door deal where if you spend over £85 you receive £10 to spend in Red Door, a fantastic bar that provides amazing cocktails, music and all round good vibes.


-We are currently running a competition to win a makeover via our social media so just head on over to our Facebook to get involved!


-Cheap Tuesdays! Receive 20% off your total bill when you have your colour done at either Swanky salon by one of our senior stylists :) 


We are always looking to give something back to our customers for their business at Swanky Malone. Being in such a fantastic city such as Liverpool makes it just that bit easier as so many people are happy to help and encourage the independence! 


Shout out to Red Door, Independent Liverpool and the Clubhouse L1!!


Swanky Love x