Fashion At Its Finest - The Peaky Blinders

I have been endlessly tagged in news bulletins shared round on social media recently about The Peaky Blinders being back in town. This sparked the idea of this blog post because I feel the smash-hit T.V series along with many others alike has had a big part to play in inspiring the modern gentleman. 

I would like to say how proud it makes me feel that this world renowned series has chosen Liverpool to do most of its filming. The history and culture from the days of the peaky blinders has such a strong presence within our city, you cant help but feel privileged. 



Dress to Impress

The era of the Peaky Blinders is one that inspired the creation of Swanky Malone. For as long as I can remember I have been obsessed with the 3 piece suits and the trilby/flat cap. I think this particular dress sense promoted professionalism and dedication, sophistication and satisfaction! If you walk into any retailer, coffee shop, restaurant, Hairdressers ;) etc. and you're greeted by someone who is in a 3 piece and well groomed you are less questionable and more confident in that particular person providing you with a quality service. It is a very judgemental world we live in and first impressions are everything, if you look the part, you feel the part. As much as the fashion world has changed in the years, the 3 piece remains strong and dominant when it comes to looking smart. Me personally, I feel most comfortable in a suit :). I know when we first opened Swanky’s, my business partner Laurence questioned the idea of the suit based on the simple fact that it gets extremely hot in the salon with all the hairdryers and juggling clients :D. When we opened however one of the most common compliments we got was on how presentable we looked and how we as a team fitted into our environment of the shop we had created. One day I had run out of shirts and had to put a polo on under my waistcoat, thinking it looked ok and that it would suffice, maybe even something we could use in the future to stay that little bit cooler. However, when I did this an acquaintance of mine who, lets say, is proper scouse, opened the door and said “ Cam lad, where is ya shirt? Thought you were Swanky!”… It just goes to show how much of an impression this particular dress sense can make. Safe to say since that day I have never run out of shirts and the Swanky ethos remains, Dress to Impress!


Most of todays suit fashion is a reflection of the 1920’s - 1950’s. I feel a lot of ladies fashion can be inspired from these eras also as you can never go wrong with a bit of retro. 


Word From The Bird

As most of you probably know, we are fast approaching The Grand National and Ladies Day and if you're looking for inspiration, I would strongly suggest turning to the 1920’s-1950’s! I am not saying copy completely but use as an insight as todays fashion has more of a twist on that era. For example back then the trousers were high waisted and more straight leg, where as today the trousers are more mid-waist and skinny leg. I also prefer nowadays to mix up the tones, for example wearing a different coloured jacket or waistcoat to the rest of the suit. Lastly, never leave to your destination without accessorising your finished look! By this I mean simply adding a tie pin, collar pin, pocket square, arm garters etc. Or all of the above :) this can make an exceptional difference to how Swanky you look.

I would like to finish on a fact, a man wearing a suit, for a lady, is like a lady wearing lingerie to a man…very attractive.

I hope you have enjoyed the read and we will be hosting a competition for this coming Grand National so keep your eyes pealed on social media :) 

Swanky Love x