The Gentlemen's Grooming and Lifestyle Show - Tobacco Dock

A checkpoint in my career

Since before I started my own business my goal has to be on stage speaking to and inspiring people in a subject that I am so passionate about. The industry is full of influential people and to be asked to do a presentation at The Gentlemen’s Grooming and Lifestyle Show in Tobacco Dock London, our capital, among those influential people, was a dream come true.

Prior to this show I did have the busiest month of my career as Swanky Malone. I had been called to the lake district to not only do a clients/friends hair but to then attend the wedding and sit at the head table to which was a huge honour and I can honestly say we will be friends for life! I hope anyway, after my dancing moves took up most of the venue. I had a presentation with a live model at Woodlands Wellbeing and Beauty Clinic where I was demonstrating the latest trends and products to achieve these looks. I drove to  Manchester for a very good friends leaving do before a huge meeting I could not miss and then finally London, all on top of running two salons with 7 members of staff, a demanding turn over of stock and amazing sign that keeps breaking! I am not complaining though, I wouldn't have it any other way :) busy is good. Of course I am not on my own with my business partner Laurence, salon manager Ben and a supporting family and colleagues. 

The Brand

My presentation was in collaboration with ‘Thomas Clipper’, a fantastic brand that promotes attention to detail, self worth, individuality and tenacity. Their story is nothing but inspiring and after meeting the founders Matt and Antonio, being a small segment of their journey was an honour. Their products are never tested on animals. As for the shave set which I promoted on stage, the bristles on the shave brush are synthetic as opposed to badger hair, which the badgers are very fond of. The shave soap is all natural ingredients and the oil designed for the condition of skin and hair containing Jojoba Oil which has a molecular structure most similar to Sebum (the skins natural produced oil). 

Then there is the cologne collection ‘Unite’ with three invigorating scents named City, Coast and Country. What is so unique about these scents is you can cocktail them to create a unique, desirable fragrance tailored to you! This customisable approach is a never seen before take to the mens grooming industry. We are currently using these colognes in the Swanky Malone Downtown shop to finish off the mens Madison Avenue service. 

The Presentation

Throughout my whole hair styling career I have been attending shows, seminars, courses, industry workshops etc. I have been the one getting inspired, learning new skills, gaining new knowledge on products and techniques. This time it was my turn, a role reversal, I was the one providing all of the above to the audience. This was a huge deal for me, an experience like no other. I was finally on the stage where I have always wanted to be. In the lead up to the presentation I must admit, I was very nervous but at the same time extremely excited. What helped a lot with the nerves was my mind set which I kept focussed not on the opening of the presentation but the knowing how I would feel at the end. Once on stage I found my flow, and my knowledge came through clearly and confidently in my words. Of course an engaging audience always helps and I was very lucky to have one, it also showed that people where really interested in what I had to say. I believe this is a new beginning for me and I aim to have much more stage presence this year. 

I will continue to update our blog more often now as this year has many exciting things happening! Swanky x