Inspiration for the Nation

As mentioned in our previous blog 'Current Hair Trends 2018' inspiration can come from pretty much anywhere, anything or anyone! But what do all these things have in common?…you guessed it, social media. 

We live in an era where knowledge and power is literally at our fingertips, the question is, do you know how to use it? What I want to do here is give you a few people/pages that I follow for inspiration in the hope that you can make use of them for visits to the salons/shops and help better explain what it is you desire! 


Alan beak .jpg

Alan Beak - This guy has to be one of the worlds most renowned mens hairstylists to date! His skill set is of the highest calibre, so much so that he is now an ambassador for Whal, American Crew Elite and Mizutani. Its fair to say that him, and his brother Reece, have simply smashed life! 



Dominick Serna .jpg

Dominick Serna aka @domdomhair - Ladies this guy has some talent! He mostly opts for the shorter hairstyles, but he executes them fantastically. The colours and texture he creates using all hair types is impeccable and is the reason you must go give him a follow.




Style Zagreb .jpg



Style Zagreb - I have recently been introduced to this page by a client/friend of mine Blaza, she is friggin awesome! This page has some amazing street style inspiration from the gorgeous city of Zagreb that I think we can all benefit from! I could chat obsessively about this but just go and take a look :) 

Cameron Stananought