Mane-tain Your Pride

As hairstylists, we have all walks of life coming through our doors. We see on an hourly basis the effects that your individual lifestyle has on your hair. All day every day your hair is exposed to the elements. To understand why your hair looks like the way it does in between your visits to the salon, you have to take into consideration your daily routines and activities. For example: 

1)You swim twice a week exposing your hair to chlorine and terrible gym shampoo/shower gel to save your “good stuff” at home. After you let it air dry and tie your hair back in a bun, jobs a good’n.

2) You wash your hair everyday because it is fine and after you have slept on it, it feels greasy and looks like you have been dragged through a hedge backwards. Once you have washed it you blast it dry and quickly run the straighteners over it because you are sprite at blow drying. You use no products on your hair because its too heavy. 

So here is our result to these 2 examples:

  1. Chlorine can strip your hair of natural oils leaving it even more exposed resulting in dryer more brittle hair. The cheap products are not nourishing or assisting to styling, they're built for one purpose, lathering up to add effect to making your hair feel clean. Leaving your hair to then dry naturally leaves the cuticle (protective layer of the hair) exposed, thus creating more access for the elements and dryer frizzy looking hair
  2. You are removing the hair of natural oils and exposing it to intense heat which very quickly proves too extreme for your hair to survive. You use no conditioner and you use no protection products before drying and straightening.    

I understand both of these scenarios may not fully resemble your routines, but I bet something within these examples applies to you in some way. If not, bravo :) So, the solutions: 

When you visit the salon listen to what your stylist has to offer. Ask the appropriate questions, go prepared. What don't you like about your hair when you try to style it? Why wont your hair do a specific style? etc. Not everything is going to have a direct solution, this you must realise.

I am going to let you in on a big secret here, so please if you're reading this, brace yourself… Hairdressers are not miracle workers!! I know i know, its crazy! But, when you find the right hairdresser it is because they have dedicated so much time to their passion and love for creating amazing hairstyles. Our trade is constantly evolving among its partners fashion and beauty. So I ask you, what helps a tradesperson create the best results?…The answer is tools. What is a hairstylists list of tools?

  1. Hands. Obvs.
  2. Scissors + Comb/Brush
  3. Hairdryer
  4. Products 

So I have reached to my point. PRODUCTS. Products are essential to creating, caring and finishing off a beautiful style.


  1. Creating: Products help mould and shape the hair manipulating it into a style you so desire.
  2. Caring: Products protect and condition helping maintain its original beauty and keeping out the elements. 
  3. Finishing: Products are the cherry on top, finishing off the artwork and sealing the deal between the style and your unruly hair. 

Guys when you visit the salon you are in the chair for a couple of hours max, depending on your service. When you leave the salon you are away from us for up to 8 weeks, some more, some less. Products are key to maintaining your style and healthy looking hair. Investing in the right products recommended by your stylist will work wonders. 


Here is a tip I will leave you with. Ask your stylist what they use on their hair :) 


Swanky Love x

Cameron Stananought