Another year is out and it feels as though it did so in a matter of weeks. However, looking back through my previous blogs among other things :), a lot has happened. We would like to take a moment to recap and jog the memory.

Early on in 2015 we saw a big trend of undone, effortless hair, which really set the bar! Back in May, the blog “Not-So-Centre Parting” was a piece that covered this trend and shows how much of an impact it had. It is a type of style that will always be flattering and works with all hair types, what we call a Swanky Sizzler! Also around this time we noticed the #Dapperman making a big statement. The beard was at its peak in the fashionable world and male grooming as a whole has been growing from strength to strength. The gentlemen have realised the importance and advantages of looking sharp and how individuality is key.

Moving on, summer 15, we had a brief pastel/mermaid/multicoloured faze which personally I was a big fan of but was very short lived. However I do feel this will always make a comeback, with a slight twist in creation each time.

Ruby Rose made a strong impression with her bad ass attitude. Her short hair and tats showed a different side to femininity, saying that all these things can still be as sexy as ever!

I met John Frieda :) “A lunch To Remember”. Check that blog out!

Like every year we see endless red carpet events and fashion shows. All of which we get inspiration and insight into what clothes usually cover up, see blog “The Nearly-Naked Dress”. However, New York Fashion Week and Balmaination (H&M and Balmain) were among my favourite of the events. Again look back at our previous blogs to have an insight :).

A personal highlight for me was when the curls started to make a comeback. Although it was not a strong comeback, I feel as though people are still testing the water with it. I think if you have the hair for it you should definitely give it a try. Loads of texture puts excitement and fun into the style.

And to finish off we have “Autumnal Tones”. This particular colour choice made a strong impression on Swanky clients. Although not for everyone, this style made a statement and of course suited the season to which it appeared :), one I think we will see again.

On to the present! 2016 is off to a flying start with lots of positivity. The sales are on and the driest of January’s is upon us (or at least attempting to). There is one direction (on a break, awwww.....gutted?) I would like to gather your attention, and that is to Daisy Ridley. This young actress, having a strong resemblance to Keira Knightly, has risen to stardom in Hyperspace speed. Since starring in Star Wars-The Force Awakens, she has taken the world by storm-trooper. Google her and you will see an array of gorgeous fashion statements and hairstyles. This young lady is certainly one to keep an eye on for inspiration!

Some important points I feel the need to make:

1)    Individuality is key- people don’t seem to follow any certain trend these days. It’s about having some fun and experimenting, don’t be afraid to mix it up. I feel for the ladies, of course, Daisy Ridley. Gents I would say check out Tinie Tempah for some great inspiration.

2)    Seasonal Change- a must for keeping you feeling fresh and swanky at all times. Look at our previous blog on “Olaplex”. This wonderful product has changed the rules of hairdressing for ever :). Plan ahead with your hairdresser, know what each of you have in mind and work as a team. 

So a very happy New Year and may the force be with you all! :D

Jack Mayall