Male Grooming

Madison Avenue - A sharp, cunning wash, cut and style.

Mobster: £15.50

Ambassador: £17.50

King Pin: £19.50

Inbetweeners - Cut for under 16's

Mobster: £10.00

Ambassador: £12.50

King pin: £15.50

Bugsy -Cut for Under 12s

Mobster: £10.00

Ambassador: £11.00

King Pin: £14.00

Nifty -Classic clipper cut all over with any numbered guard. (Includes hot towel and rinse.)

Mobster: £9.00

Ambassador: £10.00

King Pin: £13.00

Beard Shape/Taper-

Mobster: £5.00

Ambassador: £10.00

King Pin: £10.00


Traditional Shave- £20.00

Cut Throat Skin Fade- £24.50

Both of the above are exclusively available at our Jamaica street Salon.


We bet that lots of ladies out there think that men have got it easy when it comes to their hair – surely all it needs is the occasional trim?! But we know different, don’t we fellas? There’s so much that can be done with a man’s hair and a good hair cut is just as important for a man as it is for a woman. That’s why we’ve made sure that our stylists’ barbering skills are top notch.

We always keep up to date with current hair trends and can offer everything from a clipper cut with clean, precise fading to an undercut with length on top for texture. Of course we also know that it’s not just about what’s “on-trend”, so we’ll always make sure that first and foremost, we choose a certain style because it’s going to suit you, rather than because David Beckham wore it first!

Long-haired lads are welcome too! We can tidy up longer locks and give them a bit more shape. Maybe you want a total restyle, in which case, we’ll be happy to help.

We’re proud to stock the brilliant range of Evo styling products and can offer tips and advice on how to maintain your style at home.