The Root Smudge

When you hear the words root smudge, what do you think?...It is not a glamorous sound when you say it is it? Sounds more like a colour gone wrong, as opposed to a colour gone right. Well at Swanky's a root smudge is a technique that has left many clients swishing their hair with love as they walk out the door! 

First off I will say a root smudge is best suited for those who have lightened hair throughout. However come in and see us if you are unsure your hair is compatible. 

So what is a Root Smudge?...A root smudge is somewhere between having grown out foils and an ombre/balayage. For a little while now it has been a popular go to service by our staff to offer the client. Like the ombre/balayage it offers a low maintenance style. However, unlike an ombre/blayage it doesn't require hours on end in the salon provided that the lighter hair is there to work with. It also allows to still have light pieces through the top as you would when having foils, just not as close to the scalp as usual. So you are adding roots but in a more Swanky way than grown out from foils and not as exaggerated as an ombre. If that makes sense? Its hard this blogging stuff haha.


Choosing the right tones has a big part to play in this as you do not want the contrast to be too great between the roots and the ends! Here is a perfect example by one of our stylists Laurence on a regular client of his. Notice how the blonde still breaks up the colour toward the top of the head and the root drag is very natural looking. Gorgeous!


So a very short but sweet blog this time but I hope you have enjoyed it none the less! If you have any questions please do drop us a comment and we will be sure to get back to you :)

Swanky love x

Cameron Stananought