Awards Season-N.T.A's

Last week was the super glamorous National T.V Awards which hosted an array of familiar faces from the small screen. Although I say ‘small screen’ a lot of T.V series now include big screen names and are far more popular and entertaining than ever before. 

With that being said, the N.T.A’s are no less prestigious than any other red carpet event. The star studded evening was a night to remember as viewers gazed upon the latest talent and most up to date fashion! 

As follows are styles that me myself, have taken favouritism to. Everyone has their own opinions on what looks good an what doesn’t but that is what keeps the fashion industry so exciting! So, as a gentleman I would like to start with the ladies first ;) 

Alesha Dixon



This look I love. Actually, back in November 2015 for Swanky Malone’s 2nd birthday I created this look on a model as a demonstration, putting my own little twist on it of course. I had seen it on Kylie Jenner and although it looks like quite a complicated style, it actually isn’t, it just helps if you have long hair. Its a great way to completely change your look for an event. The style has a quirky yet authentic finish so I would advise not to wear it with any old outfit, choose wisely :)




Here is myself creating the look back in November 2015! Celebrating 2 years of business :)

Here is myself creating the look back in November 2015! Celebrating 2 years of business :)

Holly Willoughby



Our mate Hol has gone for a classic, pretty in pink, Hollywood glam approach. Her gorgeous golden locks have been waved and one side pinned behind the ear, effectively creating a half up half down style. This is an easy and safe way to create such a stunning look. Elegant is another word to use! Very elegant indeed!






Michelle Keegan




A most beautiful looking human being. Michelle has most certainly been advised to go with her natural beauty on this one. Notice how her makeup just slightly enhance her skin tone, along with the pearl white dress of course. Her hair is full of volume and texture creating a very effortless finish. Effortless but none the less exquisite. 






Joey Essex


If I am brutally honest, never before has this guy really struck me as swanky. Here however, his suit was one of the first images to catch my eye…honest… ok maybe it was the glasses, then the suit. All the colours on his outfit are very complimenting and with his double windsor tie knot (executed to perfection) against the cutaway collar, the guy looks dapper! His hair is clean cut on the sides with more length and texture through the top. He is clean shaven also which keeps a very youthful look about him, and the fact that he can’t tell the time. Well played mate :)





I would like to finish by saying each individual has their own opinion and outlook on what looks good!

A key point to remember in fashion is to not overlook the simplicity of attraction and desire!

Swanky love x

Cameron Stananought