Awards Season - BAFTA's

I would like to start this weeks blog by letting you all know I currently have some tutorial videos in the process of being edited. They are my first ever tutorials and I have only managed to get a few looks on medium length and short hair but hoping they are easy to follow, so keep an eye out for them! I will be making more of videos so feel free to shoot us a question on what you find hard to create at home. Maybe some of the looks on this weeks topic?



The BAFTA’s, yet another star studded event that gets the whole world talking. It was amazing to see the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge on the red carpet, in all their glory! They both looked amazing and I am most certainly a fan of the lovely couple. Kate looks stunning as always from hair to dress, a most royal of style icons! 







Oh lookie here, we have another top knot :) worn by Hayley Squires. Once again this is a fantastic look that will always be red carpet worthy and is a nice simple style to create!….actually, yeah, I am going to do a tutorial on this! 











Noomi Rapace. Wow. Strong. Bold. Sharp. Stunning. I love this ‘Pulp Fiction’ look going on. Keeping this look dark and powerful with her strong bob cut and bold red lips. Noomi was out to have fun and dominate that red carpet. Great look.









Ahh back to Sophie Turner. Beautiful human being. Less is always more with this lady. I lover her hair with what appears to be a natural grown out root and lighter ends (Balayage Technique). Her makeup so subtle and for the overall look, sticking with those cooler tones that really compliment her skin tone! 









Holliday Grainger. Colour! Beautiful warmth everywhere. Long golden waves falling over her exposed back while the rest is covered by her gorgeous frock! 










Eyes to Elize! This is my favourite look I think. The shorter hair, pinned to one side with the waves, truly sets this style. I get a Marilyn-esque vibe from this. Very glam indeed and perfect for turning heads on the occasion of any event.










Last but not least, Laura Whitmore. Very sleek. A gorgeous, pristine look, smooth from head to toe. I love her hair on this, showing an ever so slight root in a centre parting, works so well with the overall look. Elegance at its finest!