Awards Season-The Brit's

The Brit's, where passion for the industry shines through some of the most talented out there. Despite what we see in the media, we never know the true story behind these iconic individuals. One thing is always for sure and will always be truth, is that these individuals help towards evolving and shaping the worlds sounds and fashion to the most up to date standards! Some (not all) create legends that never get old.  


I would like to crack on with picking a few of my favourites of the evening now and explaining what I like about them and maybe, you can let me know your thoughts? 




Katy Perry - Shimmer and Shine! Katy has been in the media recently with talk of making a comeback after not being round for a while. Her performance on stage and red carpet look at The Brits was just that! The performance was stronger than ever as she energised the room with her new single ‘Chained To The Rhythm’. On the red carpet she looked strong and unbreakable with metallic type tones forming her outfit, and her version of ‘The Top Knot’ turning it more into a twist that spirals to form a mohawk. Katy is back…back with a bang!








Dua Lipa - Relatively new talent to the red carpet and rightly so. Her image is fantastic as it shows natural beauty. From what I have noticed, her hair is never up and her makeup very subtle. The former model come singer/songwriter certainly knows how to work the red carpet and is a go to for inspiration!












Rita Ora - A very earthy look indeed! One that I love. I feel as though Rita has completely transformed her image for this event. Opting for the messy, slick back style with her hair to exaggerate her facial features! The glamorous outfit that catches the eye by contrasting with the environment around her!






Shout out to my mix….Little Mix :) - Owning the show! Taking home their first Brit Award to add to their success story. On the red carpet, turning heads is nothing new to them, they're their own crowd within a crowd! 

Inspirational in both the music industry and the fashion industry for their stunning performances and gorgeous appearances! There is an array of hairstyles in this picture that can appeal and inspire for those swanky occasions. 


That is all from me for the Brit's. Like, comment and share and let me know your thoughts!

Swanky love x