Awards Season-Golden Globes

Award season is well under way and we hit it off with a glamorous start at the Golden Globes in Los Angeles the home of Hollywood. Each year we can expect something new and exciting from the celebrities that travel far and wide to be a part of this momentous occasion. For us hairdressers it is another way to keep in the loop of what is on trend and to use the images for recommendations to our clients to help them better understand the styles we are trying to get across. 

I would like to show you the looks I preferred at the Golden Globes. My main focus of course was the hair, however I did take into account the attire of what one was wearing.


Look 1: Emily Ratajkowski, absolutely stunning. Her hair styled in loose, tousled waves, off centre parting, pinned behind one ear to create a half up half down effect complimenting her beautiful face shape. As for the colour, there is deffinitely more depth at the roots leaving the ends slightly sun kissed/lighter, creating a very natural finish working well with her gorgeous skin tone. A look I feel will always be red carpet worthy.   


Look 2: Sophie Turner, a star in the award winning Game Of Thrones known as Sansa Stark. I must say here she looks quite a bit different to on the show but no less gorgeous. In the show she has amazing, fiery red hair and that compared to this image, I really don't know what I prefer! it would be nice to know your thoughts in the comments box bellow :) Her hair is so sleek and all the tones are neutral in the overall look. This again compliments her skin tone and her piercing hazel eyes that you could just stare at all day every day…anyway as I was saying, a real stunner for the red carpet and Swanky favourite ;)


Look 3: Eddie Redmayne, kicking it off for the gents. A sharp look indeed from this amazing sort after actor of today. Not going for your usual short back and sides. Eddie has gone for a much more textured approach, meaning more of a soft finish. One hairstyle I think a lot of ladies would like to get their fingers into. Another point to make about this style is that it would be very versatile and therefore could go for a slick look also, if desired. As for the outfit, well he has gone for the double breasted jacket which finishes off an outfit in a most Swanky manner! 


Look 4: Justin Timberlake looking sharp as ever. He has gone for the short back and sides keeping it blended with the top which has more length and texture creating a very sharp style to collaborate with his equally sharp suit. He has mixed his attire up by wearing a different colour and texture in the jacket than the pants making it that little bit more interesting. I think that this is a very good idea for gentlemen to try to achieve when sprucing up for an occasion. 


So these are my favourites that I have decided to blog about. Always keep an eye on our social media pages @swankymalone @swankymalonedowntown as we will post others that catch our eye via there. 


Thanks a million for reading and I promise I will do my best to keep on top of my blog posts in the hope you find them interesting. 


Swanky love x